Our Programs

achieving optimal health together

Nutrition Consultation
with Brandon

  • 1 hour consultation
  • Assessment of current health needs
  • Individualized meal plan & food recommendations
  • Supplement & Lifestyle recommendations

        $200.00 CAD

         * Nutrition Consultations are covered by some Insurance Providers

FREE 20 minute consultation

3 Month Diabetic Reset Program

  • 3 month commitment to reset your diabetes management protocol.
  • 1 initial 60 min consult to discuss your goals, health history and get to know YOU on a personal level.
  • Customized strategies to help manage your blood sugars that match your lifestyle.
  • Personalized meal plan, lifestyle/exercise tips and supplement recommendation.
  • 2 follow up meetings to make any necessary adjustments to your plan and check in on your progress.
  • In between support via text/e-mail – I am accessible throughout the program to ensure you are supported with your questions, concerns, suggestions or ideas.

          $600.00 CAD

FREE 20 minute consultation

Grocery Store Tour with Tash

  • 1 hour of guided shopping at your local grocery store
  • Learn how to buy healthy food within your budget
  • Tips on how to better read and understand labels
  •  Recommendations for healthy alternatives to the things you already love

        $100.00 CAD

Meal Prep Lessons with Tash

  • 2 hour in home meal prep lesson
  • Prep 3-4 meals for the week
  • Learn new recipes & snack ideas
  • Learn how to eliminate food waste and make new meals with what you already have
  • Gain some confidence in the kitchen
       $ 300.00 CAD
       + Grocery Store Tour for $50.00 CAD (optional)

Corporate Wellness
with Brandon

  • Hands on Workshops
  • Health Talks
  • Eating Healthy at the Office
  • Team Building 
FREE 20 minute consultation