Our Story

Here’s how it all started!

Two Kinesiology graduates who fell in love 10 years ago while learning all things health. We began our careers, got married, bought a home & started planning a family.

Almost 3 years into marriage, we found ourselves stuck in the 9-5-work-life chaos, doing EVERYTHING we said we never would (including getting too comfortable). We were waking up feeling exhausted, caffeine and sugar addicted, unmotivated and as though we couldn’t show up as the best versions of ourselves for each other.

We knew that if we were going to make a change, we would have to do it together. We promised to put our health first and learned quickly it was the best thing we could do for ourselves and relationship.

T H R I V I N G   T O G E T H E R

We believe that working as a team to achieve optimal health is beneficial not only for our bodies, but for our relationship. We work with others to teach them that loving unconditionally does not mean being ok with watching your better half work themself sick, eat away their stress or lose their lust for life. Thriving together is all about loving each other enough to want the best for each other in health and life.

Meet Brandon & Tash

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Hi, I'm Brandon....

I am on a mission to inspire others to take charge of their health by getting back to the basics.  I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Kinesiology and Health Science graduate and Type 1 Diabetic. Since I was diagnosed with Diabetes, I was hooked on helping myself and others be healthier to reach their wellness goals. 

Along the way, personal and financial circumstances pressured me to put my love for helping others on hold and climb the corporate ladder. To my surprise, the past 6 years working the 9-5 allowed me to see many areas of health that were neglected. 

We tend to use time restrictions as a crutch and allow our work and day-to-day obligations to come before our health. I’m here to teach you how to manage both.

I use real whole foods, nutrition and physical activity to guide my clients to become the best versions of themselves. I strive to educate clients about where their food comes from and how certain foods can impact the internal workings of the body. This information is what I believe to be the medicine of future.



and I'm Natasha!

Health has always been a core value of mine. My diagnosis of Incontinentia Pigmenti at a young age and 13 years of competitive figure skating fostered my desire to better understand the human body. 

   I pursued a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and Health Science. I am driven to empower others to fuel their body with REAL whole foods and help them understand how it can support optimal health.

 Another one of my passions is children, which is what helped me decide to obtain my B.Ed. and become a teacher. Today, I use every opportunity I can to shed light on early physical literacy and get children excited about making healthy choices. I hope to inspire children to advocate for their health and develop positive relationships with food and themselves.

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